Separation, Property Division, and Divorce

For most couples, separation and divorce is often very stressful, and each person may deal with this upheaval at different times and in different ways.

We promise to help make the legal process easier for you, and will guide you through each step of your separation, property division, and divorce.

We help by:

  • Gaining as complete a picture as possible at the earliest stage and advising you on your rights, obligations and options
  • Guiding you through the necessary forms and procedures
  • Anticipating and proactively responding to potential legal hurdles
  • Providing referrals to professionals with expertise in various aspects of separation and divorce, such as counselors and parenting coordinators

Settlement vs. Litigation

It is usually in your best interest to settle rather than deal with matters in court. We prefer to recommend a suitable out of court settlement since litigation is usually very expensive and can be emotionally charged.

Jacqueline will work with you to reach a fair settlement and will recommend resolution tactics that suit you best. If a settlement is not possible or if it is in your best interests to go to court, Jacqueline has done many trials and is comfortable representing you in a courtroom setting.