Clients rely on our personal commitment and business acumen. We understand that your situation is emotional, but that your issues are business.

This level of understanding sets us apart while our reputation for pragmatism combined with persistence and a clear-eyed perspective are our hallmarks.

Here is what you can expect:

We listen

Because your situation is unique, we listen carefully and ask questions to clarify your needs and concerns. These factors are critical to advising you on your options, obligations, and rights from the earliest stage through to completion.

Procedural guidance

Expert guidance on procedures and forms helps speed the process and lessen stresses that are part of any family law situation. We also anticipate and advise you of any potential legal hurdles to help avoid unpleasant surprises.


We respond promptly – when possible, on the same business day. You will
be updated regularly on the status of your matter. All members of the firm are up to date on all files so any one of us can provide you with information. We communicate concisely; therefore you can expect a short and to-the-point email rather than a lengthy memo.

Sensible Fees

Our fees reflect the scope and nature of your work, and are discussed at the outset of a matter. Should scope change and fees be subject to alteration, you will be notified immediately and asked for approval to proceed.

Certified Specialist: A Higher Standard of Legal Expertise

Being a certified specialist in family law, Jacqueline is recognized as an expert in this field. A certified specialist must have a specific level of expertise and seniority in a particular area of law along with practical experience handling every facet pertaining to it. The result is that a certified specialist works at and is held to a higher standard, which is a factor Jacqueline’s clients value highly.

We invite you to learn more about us. While our biographies include legal expertise and experience, you will also get a sense of us as people — and be provided with contact details should you wish to be in touch.

Jacqueline Mills – Lawyer
Elise Visco – Lawyer
April Bollers – Legal Assistant