Consultation and Planning

Scheduling an initial consultation is step one in our being able to help you and your partner join together or part ways.

At our first meeting, you will be provided with a sense of the stage where you are currently and the path that we might best take to get you to a successful agreement and/or resolution.

If separation and divorce are your goals, we will likely be able to perform rough calculations as to your entitlement or your obligations and an explanation of how the calculations are done.

Consultation appointments are a one-hour meeting that covers the assessment of your situation and advice on how to best proceed. All consultations are billed at Jacqueline’s hourly rate.

Action Plan

In the instance of cohabitation or marriage, we will discuss various scenarios that might be most helpful in determining solid protection of personal and business assets.

With respect to separation and divorce, we will decide together the best way to proceed whether it is through mediation, arbitration, or a court application.

In both instances, all the options available to you will be discussed along with pros and cons of each.

Your Goals

This process is about you and how you want to see the issues arising out of your personal business to be handled. You will receive recommendations as to what is in your best interest, but the final decision will remain yours.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are critical factors. We treat both with utmost seriousness and respect. As a law firm, we work according to the Rules of Professional Conduct, and strive to protect you and your interests.

Should you wish to schedule a consultation, please contact Michelle Fields.