• Experience & Success

    As a certified specialist, Jacqueline is known for strong case management, honest opinions and smart advice.

    “My former husband said, ‘You have the better lawyer.’ ”

    D. T.

    Jacqueline M. Mills, Lawyer

  • Confident & Sensible

    Jacqueline is professional and confident in demeanour and action, and refuses to “over lawyer” any situation.

    “Her representation was very thorough and she doesn’t try to create issues where none exist.”


    Elise Visco, Lawyer

  • Emotions & Issues

    Jacqueline understands that while your emotions are personal, your legal issues are business.

    “She kept my emotions and thoughts on track.”

    R. R.

    April Bollers, Legal Assistant

  • Jacqueline Mills is a top-ranked family lawyer who is well known for handling complex and highly intricate cases.

    Clients seek her representation on three main areas of family law: Cohabitation and Marriage; Separation, Property Division, and Divorce; and, Custody and Support.

  • Her reputation for cutting through complications and providing clarity is balanced with her understanding that while your emotions are personal, your legal issues are business.

    These distinctive characteristics are the result of almost 30 years experience protecting her client’s best interests, negotiating settlements and, when necessary, arguing their case in court.

  • Jacqueline has a solid and consistent success record as a certified specialist in all aspects of family law.

    Learn more about our Client Care, and what makes Jacqueline and her team so special.